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Take a peek at Everest, the leading Computer-Based Training authoring system. It's free! Skip the boring seminars and sales presentations and get the software. No salesperson will call to pressure you to purchase. Download Everest Free right now, and join the thousands already developing useful Computer-Based Training, distance learning and interactive multimedia projects.

What You Get

Your download includes:

  • the Everest authoring software
  • a Quick Start tutorial
  • an extensive, illustrated 7-chapter Tutorial
  • a demonstration (slide show) created with Everest
  • other examples
  • plus a small library of graphics with which to experiment.


Mimimum System Requirements:

any version of Windows from 3.1 to XP
'386 processor or better
4M RAM available
640x480x16-color display or better

Recommended System:
as above, except

Pentium processor or better
8M RAM available
1024x768x24-bit display or better

Step 1 - Click below to download:

    EV2FREE.ZIP (approx. 3.0m; 3.5m after unzipping; 16m after installation)

    At 56Kbaud, the download duration is approximately 10 minutes.

Step 2 - Uncompress the EV2FREE.ZIP that was downloaded to your computer by using PkUnZip, Winzip or the equivalent.

Step 3 - Run the Everest SETUP program (some .ZIP uncompression utilities do this for you automatically). Follow the on-screen directions to install Everest Free on your computer. If you experience trouble, see Everest's README.TXT file for manual installation instructions.

Register for Additional Benefits

If you like what you see, register your copy for just $29 and receive the following benefits:

  • a printer-ready copy of Everest's Design Guide "How To" book
  • a license to distribute / exchange your projects with other registered Everest-Free authors
  • discounts on tech support

Trouble Downloading?

Unable to download or install? We'll be happy to send you a copy on 3.5" diskettes if you pre-pay the $29 registration fee. Please see the order form for instructions.

Sorry, we cannot send copies of the software via email.

Additional Notes

Projects created with the Everest Free-Authoring Software cannot be played back with the Everest ERUN program.

Use of the Everest Free-Authoring Software is limited to evaulation of the software and learning how to author. You may not distribute to end-users projects created with the Everest Free-Authoring Software. To do that, you must license and create projects with either the Everest Authoring System or the Everest Suite (see the price list).

These downloadable files contain Software © Copyright 1994, 2002 by Intersystem Concepts, Inc.
Use of the Software is subject to the terms of the License Agreement contained within.

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