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Summit Authoring System

For developers with special legacy requirements, we continue to offer the Summit Authoring System for MS-DOS platforms. For Windows and Web platforms, please see Everest.

Top Rated

In an 1993 independent survey of 5000 CBT professionals, Summit for DOS was named the #1 MS-DOS authoring system, Summit scored the highest in all four areas rated: ease of use, flexibility, multimedia and productivity.

Multiple Levels

Summit's built-in multiple authoring levels (novice, intermediate and advanced) mean that the system is both easy to learn and able to handle demanding applications. The mouse-driven pull-down menus, dialog boxes and windows make editing quick and simple.

CBT Fully Supported

For Computer-Based Training applications, you won't have to program routines for sophisticated answer judging, feedback, CMI data collection, record keeping, bookmarks and multi-user (LAN) support, because such features are already included.

Visual Authoring

You create pages in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get fashion. At any time you can instantly preview your project as it will appear to the end user, and edit on the fly. Utilities such as branch test, cross-reference, variable watch and screen capture also boost author productivity.

Additional Information

To obtain additional information about Summit, please e-mail or call us.

Summit Authoring System is a trademark of Intersystem Concepts, Inc. Xgraphics is a trademark of Intersystem Concepts, Inc.

Also see Everest (for Windows)
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